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Warehouse Screens


The Affordable Solution For Secure and Natural Ventilation of Warehouses.

Finally, an affordable solution to ventilating warehouses. The innovative Rollaround warehouse screen system is the latest development in screening technology for warehouse door applications. As the name suggests, the Rollaround Screen is a mobile screening device designed to be an affordable solution to ventilating and illuminating warehouse door openings.

Typically, a warehouse is too large to be cooled in a cost effective manner during the hot months. Keeping the rolling panel doors of the facility closed during hot days while running fans simply circulates hot, stale air around and fails to keep the workers in the facility cool. The Rollaround Screen allows the facility to keep the rolling doors open while securing the opening and simultaneously allowing the cooler, fresher air from outside to be circulated by the facility’s fans.

Built of architectural grade aluminum, the Rollaround is ready to take on the demands of any warehouse environment. These warehouse screens are easily moved into the commercial door opening when ventilation is desired. Designed to work with virtually any commercial roll up door that is 12′ or less in width. All warehouse screens are 84″ in height.

The Rollaround is secured into the opening with the locking pins as shown. Once the locking pins are in place the cantilevered outriggers can be retracted to minimize the footprint of the system. Now simply bring your manually operated rolling door down until the two seals touch and you have a pest free, airy environment that is naturally illuminated.

You can even turn your Rollaround Screen into a billboard with your company logo or message. Printing can be done on all three types of screen material offered.

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